Unique Gifts for the Coffee Lover!

Design: Kristin Londergan


By Samantha Eibling

Haven’t finished your holiday gift shopping yet? Not even sure what to buy?  Don’t panic, we have your back!  We’ll be posting our gift guides throughout the next two weeks to give you inspiration for everyone on your list.
Luckily, lots of people love coffee.  Trust us – coffee related items are some of our best sellers (along with cat stuff – it is Bloomington after all).
Know someone who can’t survive without their coffee? Try the “but first Coffee” mug from Now Designs, or dress up their kitchen with a cute coffee themed towel.  Coffee connesuiers, travelers, and adventurers alike will be wowed by the Aeropress coffee maker. it is light weight, super easy to pack, and ensures they’ll never have to suffer from a lack of good coffee on the road.
The purists, artists, and traditionalist would enjoy a chemex coffee maker.  Invented in 1941, there is one on permanent display at Moma Ny! and why not? it is not just beautiful, but creates what it’s fans believe is the perfect cup of coffee.
if you are buying a gift for someone who believes a good cup of coffee starts at the bean, consider a conical burr grinder which produces a more consistent grind than the standard blade grinders.  Give the gift of freshness with airscape coffee canisters. Made in glass or stainless steel, an airtight insert keeps beans vacuum sealed – no more air leaking out from the lid.
for those who love a good foam or froth an easy compact solution lies in the Aeropress frother.  But if you need to impress – look no further than the milk cafe by Breville.  creamy milk or hot chocolate is produced using induction heating and spinning to create small bubbles and a perfect mocha.
1. Chemex coffee maker
2. “Wake up and smell coffee” towel
3.  Airscape Coffee Canister
4. Aeropress frother
5. Capresso Conical Burr Grinder
6. “but first coffee:” mug
7.  Milk Cafe, by Breville
8.  Aeropress coffee maker



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