The Art of Celebrating: Little 5 Weekend

Finally! After a wintry spring, the sun is out and the sky is blue – just in time to help usher in one of Bloomington’s most notorious traditions, the Little 500, the largest collegiate bike race in the country. Since 1951, riders have been celebrating the sport they love and raising scholarship money for fellow students in need. And fans. . . well, let’s just say we know how to party in this town.

As fans flood in, the dorms empty, and restaurants overfill (along with a cup or two), the local set might be tempted to seek the calm of their homes.  Here are a few ideas on how to gather in celebration of spring, cycling, and proud Btown traditions.

1. If you can’t attend the women’s race on Friday, or the men’s on Saturday, invite some friends over and gather around the live stream hosted by IU students in the media school.

2. Stop by Goods for Cooks and grab some supplies – cocktail mixers, charcuterie, crackers, and olives, maybe snarky cocktail napkins or some popcorn. We love the bicycle apron and towels from MU Kitchen too.

3. Create some ease by offering a selection of beer and wine along with a classic cocktail. We think the Bee’s Knees is well, the bee’s knees. It is fresh and citrusy with a bit of class and you can grab everything you need minus the Gin and lemon juice at Goods.

The Bee’s Knees Cocktail
(recipe courtesy of C3 Restaurant)

2 oz Gin
1 oz Lemon juice
1 bar spoon (tsp perhaps) Lemon curd
1/4 oz Elderflower cordial
1/2 oz Honey

Shaken, served up.

4. If the sun stays out and the wind stays down, grab those bikes and ride along the B-line trail setting up a picnic with your supplies and enjoy the people watching.

5. Finally, if the weather fails to cooperate – there is always  the comfort of your couch, the perennial Bloomington based classic Breaking Away, and a nice big bowl of popcorn. We have you covered there as well.  Go “old school” with a Whirley Pop and season salt, or grab our microwaveable packs.  Fun fact?  Co-owner George not only raced Little 5 back in his college days, but was an extra in the film!

Happy Little 5 Weekend – take care of each other!


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