Springtime Inspiration at the Winter Farmers Market

by Salem Williams

Spring onions, rhubarb, leafy greens, and fresh eggs are ready to take home.

The Bloomington Winter Farmers Market is winding down for the season, but the early spring greenhouse harvest mustn’t be forgotten. This is a special time to find particular early spring ingredients such as young, fresh micro-greens, arugula, and radishes.

Barnhouse Farms offers a wide selection of micro-greens to inspire Spring fair.

Sean with Barnhouse Farms throws his micro-greens in smoothies, on tacos, eggs, and bagels. For a lighter take on hash browns, shred radishes and mix with grated Parmesan and eggs, then, pour into a buttered cast iron skillet and cook until browned on both sides. Pile arugula on top and scatter with green onion for a bright and earthy springtime breakfast.

Don’t wait until summer to explore the Farmers Market, there are treasures to be found all year-round.




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