Give the Gift of a Well-Rounded Kitchen this Holiday Season!

design: Kristin Londergan

by Samantha Eibling

Building a kitchen or filling in some of the basics, doesn’t need to cause stress or confusion. These fundamental tools,starting at just $3.99, will help you round out your own kitchen or make a great gift for someone you care about this holiday season.
You simply cannot go wrong with an iron pan.  Starting at under $50, these pans will provide a tool that can fry an egg, cook a casserole, bake bread, and even pound out a chicken breast.  Try Lodge’s 10 or 12 inch fry pan.
Kuhn Rikon provides us with what may be our favorite little workhorse, the Y-peeler.  It is hearty enough to peel squash, sharp enough to peel a more delicate fruit.
If you want to impress try the Kitchen Grips oven mitt – it can handle the heat, help open a jar, or become a trivet in a pinch.
Once a tool in wood shops, Microplane has perfected the rasp and we now use it for everything from parmesan to ginger, citrus to chocolate.
Safety first! if you or your loved one cooks meat, a thermometer is a must – try CDN’s probe thermometer.   Protect your non-stick surfaces and enjoy easy clean up with OXO Good Grips line of spatulas, and save your plumbing with RSVP’s sink strainer (which makes a great mini strainer when needed, just ensure it is properly cleaned.)
Finally, if there is one tool we suggest investing in, it has to be a quality knife.  They last forever and you will use it daily.  If you are giving it as a wedding gift, remember to tape a penny to the blade to avoid severing the bond of marriage!
1. Lodge 10 or 12″ iron frying pan
2. Kitchen Grips oven mit
3. OXO Good Grips silicone coated spatula
4. RSVP sink strainer
5. Wusthof 8″ cook’s knife
6. Kuhn Rikon original Swiss peeler
5. OXO Good Grips spatula silicone
6. CDN probe thermometer (DTP392)
7. Microplane


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